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Assisted Living Provider Information

Assisted living service is a service that promotes aging in place by supporting a consumer's independence, choice, and privacy through the provision of one or more components of the service which are: a personal care service, a supportive service, an on-duty response service, meals, social and recreational programming, a non-medical transportation service, and a nursing service. An Assisted Living Waiver provider is a residential care facility licensed with the Ohio Department of Health. If your agency meets this requirement, please continue with the Application Process.

Application Process

  • Apply online with Ohio Department of Aging (ODA), Provider Certification.
  • ODA will contact The Area Agency on Aging District 7, Inc (AAA7) when a completed application packet has been submitted.
  • AAA7 will contact the agency to conduct a pre-certification review to determine if the agency meets the ODA provider certification: requirements for every provider and Services Specifications (Specs) that were applied for.
  • After this review/visit, your agency will receive a Pre-Certification Summary letter.
  • The recommendation to become a certified PASSPORT provider will be sent to ODA. ODA will make the final determination.
  • If ODA approves the certification, AAA7 will be notified and an agreement will be mailed to the agency for signature.
  • Once AAA7 receives the signed agreement from the agency, the agency will be able to receive referrals from AAA7.

If ODA denies certification, the agency will receive notification from ODA and will be ineligible to reapply for certification for one year.

If at any time during this process there are changes to your agency or, if you wish to change/add/drop services or counties, you must contact AAA7`s Provider Relations Department as soon as possible. Any discrepancies in the application material may result in the application being rejected by ODA, thus restarting the entire process.

Current Certified Provider Changes
Any changes to your agency name, Federal Tax ID number, ownership, legal structure, purchase by another entity, merger with another entity, a request to discontinue providing any service, and/or a request to discontinue providing services in a specific geographic area need to be submitted in writing to the Provider Relations Department.

Ohio Department of Aging Current Administrative Rules