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Individual Provider Information

The Choices Home Care Attendant Service (CHCAS) is a service provided through the PASSPORT Medicaid waiver program that provides home and community-based services and supports to older Ohioans. Providers for the CHCAS can be individual providers that meet the requirements set forth in OAC 173-39-02 ODA provider certification: requirements for every provider and OAC 173-39-02.4 CHCAS. Spouses, parents, step-parents, powers of attorney, and legal guardians are ineligible to become a provider.

To be considered as a provider for the CHCAS, you must have a PASSPORT consumer that wishes to hire you for this waiver program. The PASSPORT consumer must notify their PASSPORT care manager they wish to hire you as a provider prior to you applying for certification. If you do not currently have a PASSPORT consumer that wishes to hire you, you are not eligible for certification.

Application Process

  • Apply online with Ohio Department of Aging (ODA), Provider Certification.
  • ODA will contact The Area Agency on Aging District 7, Inc (AAA7) when a completed application packet has been submitted.
  • AAA7 will contact you to conduct a pre-certification review to determine if you meet the ODA provider certification: requirements for every provider and Services Specifications (Specs) that were applied for.
  • After this review/visit, a recommendation to become a provider will be sent to ODA. ODA will make the final determination.
  • If ODA approves the certification, AAA7 will notify the care manager of the consumer you applied to do services for.

    Any changes in the Choices Providers name, address, or phone number must be faxed to the Provider Relations Department at 740-245-9148.

Ohio Department of Aging Current Administrative Rules

Home Care Attendant Service Specifications